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Undertale Shippin'! by Rain-Twister Undertale Shippin'! by Rain-Twister
OK! So, I decided to take a crack at this Shipping chart. But you may notice I added a "Special" option. So lemme explain. I think of these 4 together as more of business partners. What Business, you ask? A CAFE, of course! Think of it this way all 4 of them can be servers and cooks....well Mettaton would never be seen cooking so he probably would be a manager. I could also see Burgerpants and Nice Cream Guy working with them. Anyway like I said, more of business partners than partner partners.

Now onto Chara and Flowey. I hate the Genocide run and Chara deserves nothing but death. Flowey on the other hand I like but I can't see a flower getting along with anyone. Maybe Muffet cause flowers and spiders but its still a stretch since Flowey has no feelings (though the Genocide run does show that he can have feelings, in which case was fear. So who knows).

1. Frisk and Toriel? Come on guys Frisk is 10! Gross.
2. Frisk and Monster Kid? Frisk and Asriel? Asriel and Monster Kid? Mehhhhhhhhhhhh. I ain't gonna ship little kids.
3. Mettaton and Papy? While I support Gay Rights, I can't see these 2 together as lovers.
4. Sans and Papy? Incest is wrong folks.
5. Asgore and Alphys? Nahhhh

Undertale Shipping Chart By Makd7889:…
killb94 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Student Filmographer
I normally don't spoil people what drawings I am going to do in the future, but since I'm overjoyed about finally seeing a shipping chart that supports my OTP and even has Papyton dislike, I'll tell you: Sans and Muffet could also have "special" because she sells donuts, Sans hotdogs, sooo together:… HEHEEE
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